Adobe Connect 11

What to expect when using Adobe Connect 11 at York University

What's new with Adobe Connect

There have been quite a few enhancements with the Adobe Connect service.

The Layout

The most visible changes will be the user interfaces when using the Adobe Connect desktop application, when using the new Standard layout. Some of your meetings may still be configured to the older Classic layout, but you can change it over to Standard by editing the meeting. New meetings will automatically be configured for the Standard layout.

Adobe Flash

As of December 31st, Adobe Flash became officially End Of Life (EOL) by Adobe. On the 12th of January, most of the Adobe Flash browser plugins, etc., were blocked from systems. You may have received a notice on your Adobe Flash enabled computer, to uninstall the software. If you have not yet done so, please do.

The Adobe Connect environment is now Adobe Flash-free. Your meetings will now occur in the Adobe Connect desktop application, without the use of Adobe Flash.


Adobe Connect at York is licensed for a maximum of 250 concurrent users for the whole system. Our deployment of Zoom, on the other hand, has 300 concurrent users per meeting, per licensed user. Do keep this in mind when you are using Adobe Connect. We cannot assign user limit caps or forecast when potential conflicts may arise. If you must have your meeting work without any potential for disruption from the system exceeding the licensing threshold, we strongly recommend that you move to Zoom for your meetings. Go to and click the Sign In button on the top-right hand side of the screen. Doing so will automatically license you (if you have not already done so), so you can start to use your Zoom PRO account immediately.

Using Adobe Presenter with Adobe Connect

Some of you are using Adobe Presenter for your lecture recordings. We have noticed that some of you are using the Adobe Connect server to share these presentations. Please ensure that you export your recordings as HTML5 packages, and not SWF. This will make it easier for your students to view the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get a "Connection Error" page when I try to start or join a meeting

If your Adobe Connect Desktop application is out of date, you may end up seeing this issue. Please refer to this page for information and links to the updated software:

Does Adobe Connect 11 offer HTML meetings now? I heard about this function and I would like to use it

Unfortunately our current configuration of Adobe Connect bars the use of the HTML client functionality. You will have to use the system with the Adobe Connect desktop application. There are no plans to make the system work with the HTML player functionality at this time.

Does Adobe Connect still work with the eClass plugin?

Yes. There should be no change to how the eClass plugin currently behaves.

Do my students need special access to join a meeting in Adobe Connect?

No. As long as your meeting is configured for either any Guests; or for authenticated users only, then they will connect without any special access. Authenticated users will use their Passport York (PPY) credentials.

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