How to hide/display grades from students?

Gradebook allows you to configure whether or not you wish to display the grades for all activities with the exception of Quiz. The following steps will guide you through hiding/displaying the grades:

  1. Click Grades in the navigation block to open the Gradebook.

  2. Ensure you are on View tab and Grader report sub tab

  3. Click on Turn editing on at the top right.
  4. Scroll to the right to find the activity for which you wish to hide/display the grade
  5. Click on the eye icon in the Controls row for that activity.


    When the eye icon is closed, the activity name is greyed out which indicates the grades are hidden and when the eye is open, the grade is displayed 

  6. Click on Save changes at the bottom of the page


You will also notice that the show/hide icons for each individual allows you to control the visibility of grades for each individual students.

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