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I am having problems submitting my Turnitin Assignment?

If your Turnitin assignment does not indicate what files are acceptable, then I highly recommend you submit one of the following files types listed below and follow the guidelines listed below:
  1. A MS-Word file from Microsoft Office 365 software which is freely available for York University students.
  2. A PDF file using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  3. Your file must have a minimum 20 words, maximum of 400 pages, file size less than 40MB
  4. If you have scanned your response, you need to import it into a MS-Word document and type at least 20 words and then save.
  5. If you are not using MS-Office or Adobe Reader to create your document, then you have to save the file as a Rich text format (.rtf) file.

I submitted my Turnitin Assignment but I forgot something?

You may not be allowed to re-submit your Turnitin assignment if your instructor does not allow re-submission.

Similarly, you may not be allowed to submit your Turnitin assignment after the due date if the instructor does not allow.

How do I view my Turnitin Assignment and feedback? 

Your instructor can choose to enter your mark and add comments to your assignment directly within Turnitin. To view this information, follow the instructions below.
  1. Click the Turnitin assignment title on your eClass course home page. 
  2. Click the My Submissions tab located in the top row. 
  3. Your grade will appear under the Grade column. 
  4. Click on the grade or the similarity report to view feedback from your instructor.

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