How do I add a non-york user to my eClass course

At times you may require to add a non-york community member to your eClass course. External community members requiring access to a eClass course at York University are required to receive a sponsored Passport York (PPY) as sponsored guests.


Obtaining Guest Accounts

Please visit Guest and Special Event Accounts to request a sponsored guest account. Upon completion, the guest user will be contacted with the information about their PPY account.

Accessing eClass Courses As a Sponsored Guest

In order to access eClass courses the sponsored guest will need to:

-     Activate their eClass account 

-     Be enrolled in a Course

Activate eClass account

To activate their eClass account, the guest user will need to login to eClass @ and complete their profile. For more information on eClass profile please visit Managing Your Profile.

Enroll in a Course

Once the guest user has an active eClass account, they may be added to eClass courses with the appropriate role. For more information on adding users to your course please refer to Adding TA's or Co-instructors to eClass.

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