Using Crowdmark To Create Online Assessments

How to connect to Crowdmark through eClass

Crowdmark is a collaborative assessment tool that has been integrated into York's eClass environment. Within your eClass course, you will be able to link to Crowdmark to create assignments, and perform your grading tasks. 

  1. Login to eClass with your PassPort York username and password

  2. Click on your course title listed on your dashboard

  3. In your eClass course, click on Turn editing on button in the top right part of the course home page.

  4. Scroll down to the preferred section of your course homepage and click on the Add an activity or resource link

  5. Select External Tool in the pop-up in the pop-up (also listed under Activities tab), and then click Add. The Adding a new External tool page will appear.

  6. Enter a title for the Activity name

  7. Click on the Preconfigured tool drop-down menu and select Crowdmark Assessments

  8. Scroll down and click on Save and return to course 

The Crowdmark link will be added to your eClass course homepage. Click on the link and Crowdmark will automatically sync your eClass students. You can then proceed to Create your assignment. Your students can upload their Ms-Word, Google Docs, PDF, or take a picture to submit to the assignment. Instructors can then grade Crowdmark assignment and grades will be transferred to your eClass course gradebook. 

Students in your eClass course must have an email address in their eClass profile before they can be synched with Crowdmark.

Below, we have curated a full list of instructional information that provides detailed step by step documentation on how to create the type of assessments you would like, highlight the grading options available, and how to release and analyze assignment results.

Assigned Assessments

An assigned assessment is an assessment that a student completes independently. The questions are provided to the student, then they will answer and upload them for grading online.

Here are some areas to help you learn all about assigned assessments


Navigating through student work and giving feedback

Assessment Results

Returning and analyzing grades

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