FAQ's Taking a quiz

We encourage you to print or save the following troubleshooting guide before your exam just in case your computer/internet stops responding. Open/download this page as a PDF.

My internet connection isn't working

If you are using WiFi and you have the ability to connect to your internet connection with a wire: Do this first if you can. Otherwise, check the WiFi router, restarting it if necessary. Is anyone else using the WiFi, e.g. a roommate binge watching Netflix. If your phone has enough data you could also use your phone to create a personal WiFi hotspot that you could use for your computer.


I can't click 'Next' to go to the next question

Try refreshing your browser to see if that will resolve your issue and allow you to move on. eClass will automatically save any of your answers up until this point so refreshing the browser will not put your quiz attempt at risk.


My quiz isn’t loading, it's really slow to load

Check if the available internet bandwidth is being used by other members of the household to stream content or for uploading/downloading content. This may have adverse effect on your internet speed thereby causing quiz to load slowly or timeout.

I got an error message - This attempt has already been finished

In your haste to submit the quiz, you may have accidentally clicked the submit button twice, you can check your attempt has been saved by clicking on the Quiz link which will show you a summary of your attempts, your Instructor may or may not have made the grade available to you at this time.


My computer/internet crashed

You will be able to resume from where you have left off as long as it is within the allotted time. Your answers up to that point are saved and you may have to re-answer the current question and any that you haven’t already.

I ran out of time

Your answers may be automatically submitted at the end of the allotted time depending on how the instructor has set up the quiz. You may contact the instructor to make arrangements for additional time beyond what was originally given. At their discretion you may be able to continue from where you left off.


I got an error message - You have entered data outside the normal sequence

This can occur if you use your browser's back button; please don't use this during the test, instead use the quiz navigation buttons to navigate through the quiz, it can also happen if you click on something while a page is loading. Click Continue to resume.


I accidentally skipped a question, and I can't go back/I cannot go back to previous questions on quiz

This actually isn’t a technical issue. You probably aren’t able to go back because of a setting added by your instructor. It also won’t help if you hit your browser’s Back button – if you do, you’ll get the error “You have entered data outside the normal sequence”. If you get this error message, don’t worry, just press the Continue button and you’ll be taken back to the proper question.


My quiz is still closed, but I’m supposed to be taking it right now

Because quiz availability is based on the server’s time, you won’t see it if your clock is set to a different time as the server’s.⏰ Try refreshing your page, and you should see your quiz then. Go get ‘em!


I missed my quiz

Get in touch with your Instructor who can determine what your next steps will be.

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