Using Completion Tracking

To help students manage their workload, Moodle provides an option for tracking activities that have been completed. Completion tracking allows resources and activities to be marked completed manually or when certain conditions have been met. If Activity completion is enabled at the course level, then a checkbox associated with each activity and resource will appear on course home page. 

You may use activity completion in combination with Restrict Access to manage the order in which students complete the activities in a course.

To make the Activity Completion option available, it needs to be activated at the course level.You can allow students to manually mark the activities to help keep track of what they have done, or set a tracking condition for marking the activity complete. 

Enabling Completion Tracking

  1. Click Edit settings in the Administration block.
  2. Click the Completion Tracking heading to expand the its section.
  3. Select yes from the Enable Completion tracking drop-down list.
  4. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page to continue.

Configuring Tracking Criteria

By default, students will be able to manually mark an activity/resource as complete

Once the completion tracking is enabled at the course level, you can set up tracking criteria for an activity by following the steps below:

  1. Click Turn editing on at the top right of your course home page.
  2. Click the Edit drop-down menu associated with the course activity or resource for which you would like to set the activity completion criteria, and select Edit settings.
    • Do not indicate activity completion will remove the checkbox for the activity or resource.
    • Students can manually mark the activity as completed allows students to manually mark the activity as complete by ticking the checkbox associated with the activity or resource.
    • Show activity as complete when conditions are met will automatically mark the activity or resource as complete when all specified conditions are met.In the Activity completionsection, select your preferred tracking option from the Completion tracking drop-down list.
  3. These options will vary based on which activity or resource type you are managing.If you selected Show activity as complete when conditions are met in the previous step, select the condition(s) to be met from the options available.For example, Require view means that students only need to access the resource such as file to mark it as complete.
    Require Passing Grade (available for quizzes only ) means students must achieve a passing grade or complete all available attempts in order to have the quiz activity marked as complete.
  4. Note that this date will not be displayed to students. It is only displayed in the activity completion report.If you would like to view the expected date when an activity or resource should be completed by students, then enable the Expect completed on option and select a date.
  5. Click Save and return to course to complete the changes.

Viewing Activity Completion Reports

The status of each tracked resource or activity can be displayed. To do so, follow these steps.

  1. Click Reports in Administration block to expand the menu.
  2. Click Activity completion to view the status of all activities. Each activity is displayed in a column across the top, and each student's name appears in a separate row.

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