Using Scheduler

Scheduler is a tool that instructors can use to allow students to sign up for face-to-face appointments or other course events through a Moodle. Instructors may use this tool to set up consultations with students on individual assignments or for sign up for regular office hours. It may also be used as a sign-up tool for other course activities, such as presentations. 

Scheduling an Appointment

When Scheduler opens, it will display the instructions or comments from the instructor, information about your previously Attended slots and the list of Slots that are available.

To schedule an appointment:

  1. Click the button in the Choice column for the slot you would like to book. It will become selected.
  2. Click Save my choice.

Once saved, the selected slot appears in bold. 

To reschedule a slot:

  1. Click the button in the Choice column of the new slot you would like to book. It will become selected.
  2. Click Save my choice. The new slot is saved and displayed. Your instructor will receive a notification of the change.

You will only be able to schedule one appointment at a time using Scheduler, and it is also possible that the instructor has configured the particular Scheduler activity so that students can only sign up for one slot for the given period, for example in the case of a sign up activity for presentations. Typically, once the date and time of an appointment have passed, the previous appointment selection is removed and you are able to schedule a new appointment.

Scheduling an Appointment on Behalf of a Group

Under certain circumstances, you may be required to book appointments for groups, such as group projects or presentations. If your instructor has enabled this feature, one person from each group can book an appointment on behalf of the entire group.

To schedule an appointment on behalf of groups:

  1. Click the button in the Choice column for the slot you would like to book. It will become selected.
  2. Click the Appoint for my whole group check box so that a checkmark appears.
  3. Click Save my choice.

There is currently no way for a student to cancel an appointment through Moodle. If you need to cancel your appointment, contact the instructor directly giving sufficient notice.

Deleting a Slot in your Scheduler


Please note that there is currently a known issue with deleting Scheduler slots, which prevents the deletion of the slot when you simply click the Bin icon next to it. Therefore, please see workaround below in the interim, as we are currently working to get the issue permanently resolved.

  1. Please right-click the Bin button on the right side of the slot
  2. Select either Open in a new tab or Open in a new window. 
  3. Once it opens in a new tab or window, the slot will be deleted.

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