Zoom add-on license prices

Current pricing for pay-for-use licenses under our Zoom account.

Standard licenses vs. Add-on licenses

Members of the York University community may qualify for the standard licensing in York University's Zoom service. To qualify, community members must have a Passport York (PPY) account in good standing and currently be employed with, and/or enrolled in studies through the university. This license allows faculty, staff, and students to host unlimited meetings with up to 300 attendees per meeting. If you currently qualify and have not yet claimed your license, go to https://yorku.zoom.us/signin to automatically get your account today. Information on getting started with Zoom at York University is found here.

For qualifying accounts, York's Zoom service offers additional features that are not covered in the standard meeting license. These are called add-on licenses. The university does not pay for this cost as a part of the standard licensing. Interested parties who wish to use an add-on license must pay for each license they need on an annual basis. The two most common types of licenses are for webinars and large meetings. Zoom rooms, Events and Translated Captions are also available for purchase as well.

Zoom accounts under York University's Zoom service can purchase more than one of the add-on licensing features for their account. For example, Jane Smith is a manager who wishes to host webinars for up to 500 attendees, and they wish to use the translated captions feature as well. Jane would purchase both the Zoom Webinar 500, and the Zoom Translated Captions licenses. After the purchase is completed, Jane's York University Zoom account (janesmith@yorku.ca) would be assigned both licenses. They would be available for Jane to use until the end of the next billing cycle (see below). At that time, Jane can either renew or cancel their licenses.

Types of licenses

For the full list of licenses, please refer to the table in the Current Pricing list, below.

Generally, most users request either a Zoom Webinar or a Zoom Large Meeting license. While the webinar feature exposes a different way to host and share in an online venue, the large meeting licensing simply expands the standard 300 attendee limit up to 500 or 1000, depending on your needs and your budget.

Zoom Events is available to community members who wish to build and host hybrid or fully virtual single, or multi-day conferences. This license expands on the webinar features by including many of the necessary tools to build and host your online conference presence. Note that this license does not come with extra support from York University, and is provided as-is for you and/or your team to self-manage. If you have needs for technical support, this may be available to you at an added cost. You can reach out to Learning Technology Services (LTS) for more information at askit@yorku.ca.

Information on webinars, and how they can be used at York University can be found here.

Translated Captions is new to Zoom (and York University's Zoom). Information on this add-on and its capabilities is is found here.

Finally, Zoom Rooms licensing is available for community members who want to provide this feature through a meeting or conferencing space on any of our campuses. Please reach out to our team well in advance of your project, so we can start the discussion on how to get the most out of a Zoom Rooms license(s) to suit your specific needs.

Current Pricing

Please use the following as an estimate of the cost for your license(s) when you make your order. The most current price will be provided to you once we receive the quote back from our vendor contact.

Below are the current costs for York University's Zoom add-on licensing. Prices indicated below are based on the full annual rate at the renewal month of November. License purchases are prorated against the remainder of the year where the licensing is applied. Any existing license that started as a prorated purchase will fall inline with all other renewals on the next anniversary billing date. The purchaser is expected to pay the full annual amount for the next year if they wish to continue into the next contract year. Licensees can elect to cancel their license prior to this date by contacting us at askit@yorku.ca.

The prices listed here are annual prices in USD, please note that HST will also be added. Your purchase will be pro-rated based on our November 8th contact date and will be valid until next November 7th.

Add-on License
Current Price (USD)
Zoom Webinar 500
$ 690
Zoom Webinar 1000
$ 3400
Zoom Large Meeting 500
$ 600
Zoom Large Meeting 1000
$ 1080
Zoom Events 500
$ 756.50
Zoom Events 1000
$ 4400
Zoom Rooms
$ 499
Zoom Translated Captions
$ 50

Purchasing steps

If you wish to continue with purchasing a license you will need to fill out the form at https://ltsforms.apps01.yorku.ca/machform/view.php?id=25497. We will request a quote on your behalf that will be sent through Smart Buy for the cost centre approval. Note that our current turnaround time for processing is approximately 10-14 business days. Please ensure that you have planned well in advance, as we cannot guarantee that any urgent requests will be expedited on a faster timeline.



Student accounts do not qualify for license purchases. If you wish for a student to benefit from the license, we recommend you purchase the license under your account, and then add the student(s) to any meetings as an "Alternative Host" prior to the meeting's scheduled day and time. For non-York university attendees or, for guests who do not have a qualifying PPY account, you will need to start the meeting and then promote them to Co-Host or Host.

Important Information

Zoom Rooms require supplemental information related to the building and room location and whether or not they wish to use Outlook Calendaring functionality in their deployment. For this license, please contact us via askit@yorku.ca to discuss your interest in Zoom Rooms.

Translated Captions functionality is assigned to the PPY/Zoom account ID. As with all other features listed above, functionality for the add-on license requires the Host (licensee) to create the meeting under their account. Add-on functions will not work if a licensee joins someone else's meeting or webinar.

Finally, for licensees who purchase a 500 or 1000 Webinar or Events license, please note that the additional users you have available to you through the add-on license does not apply to your standard meeting attendee count. You will still only be able to host a 300 person meeting even if you have a 500 or more attendee license. Should you need this functionality, you will have to also purchase a Large Meeting license for the same PPY/Zoom account ID.

For any other questions, please contact us at askit@yorku.ca, and indicate in the body of the request that you wish to speak to Learning Technology Services (LTS) about Zoom add-on licensing options.

Alternative or supplemental options

If you are seeking a way to host a live event or lecture where you only wish for more than 300 people to virtually attend, and/or to watch your session on-demand at a later date, we recommend you consider using Panopto. This free alternative will allow you to webcast your event to up to 10,000 concurrent viewers. Please note that this is not analogous to the Webinar add-on licensing listed above. Rather, the Panopto webcast will allow you to use your webcam (or camera in any of the supported Hyflex rooms on campus) to stream your event or lecture live. More information on Panopto is here.

If you wish to host a meeting for a select group of attendees, but also wish to make the meeting available to a wider audience that do not need to actively participate in the meeting, then you can consider using Panopto's live streaming feature with your Zoom meeting. There are a few ways to configure this, based on your needs. Please contact us at askit@yorku.ca if you wish to speak to us about your options.

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