Adding questions into categories (question bank)

Categories allow instructors to manage and organize questions into groups. They may be restricted to be used a the quiz or course level.

By default each course is given a default category in which all questions are added.

Follow the steps below to add questions to a category:

  1. Click on the Action menuat the top right corner of your course
  2. Click on More...
  3. On the Course Administration page, click on Question Bank
  4. Ensure Questions tab is selected.
  5. Select the category to which you would like to add questions from the Select a category dropdown.
  6. Click on create a new question.
  7. Choose the type of question you would like to add from the pop-up window.

  8. Click Add button to view the settings page of the question type.
  9. For detail information on different type of questions please refer to Adding & Organizing Questions in Your Quiz.

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