Hosting a Zoom Webinar

Everything you need to know, to host your own Zoom Webinar

This article speaks to how you will host a Zoom webinar on your own. If you do not have access to a webinar license, we recommend that you consult the following links first:

Differences between a Zoom Pro, and a webinar account:

Self-managed webinar options and pricing:

Bookable webinar options and pricing:

Zoom Training Videos

Hosting a Zoom Webinar: Video

Please refer to the following video on how to host a Zoom Webinar through either your own personal, self-managed webinar; or through our bookable self-serve option.

The following training videos are an in-depth exploration into using a Webinar license. The videos are linked from Zoom's main training page.

Zoom Webinars, Part 1: Planning Your Webinar

Zoom Webinars, Part 2: Hosting Your Webinar

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