How to Share OneDrive Folder to eClass

Sharing content from your OneDrive to your eClass Course

The best way this can be done is through a 2-step process: Copying the Folder link from your OneDrive, then sharing it via the URL Activity in your eClass course. Please see step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) below and carefully follow them: 

Copying the link to the OneDrive Folder

  1. Sign in to your OneDrive here:
  2. Locate the folder you want to share
  3. Hover over the Folder with your mouse (do NOT click anything).
  4. Click the three vertically-aligned dots, then select Copy link from the drop-down menu, as you can see on the screenshot below.
  5. A pop will show up at this point. Please click People with existing access can use the link, as you can see on the screenshot below:
  6. Another pop-up will then appear. Please select People in York University with the link, and ensure that editing is NOT allowed by un-checking Allow editing, as you can see on the screenshot below.
  7. Click Apply, then click the x button to close the pop-up, as you can see on the two screenshots below:

Pasting the link to the OneDrive Folder in your eClass course

Now that you have successfully copied the link, you are ready to past it in your eClass course via the URL Activity. Please carefully follow my instructions below in order to do so:

  1. Go to your course, click Turn editing on (as you normally do in order to add any activity to your course), then select URL from the list, as you can see on the screenshot below:


2. Lastly, give a Name to your URL activity, copy the link in front of External URL, and click Save at the bottom of the page, as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

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