Sending an announcement to Students

Using the Course Announcements tool, you can send a message to all the students registered in your class. It will go directly to their preferred email addresses. Don't worry, this is only an Instructor-to-student messaging tool so students won't be able to reply or create their own announcements.


Note: that if students have set their messaging notifications to not receive e-mail notifications, the e-mail will not be sent to them and you will not be notified of this.

How to send a message to students

  1. Click Course Announcements on your course homepage.
  2. Click the Add discussion topic button.
  3. Enter a Subject and write your message in the Message text box. If the message will be lengthy, consider entering a short summary here and attaching a more complete document.
  4. If you would like to add an attachment to your message, pin your message to the top of the announcements forum or display the message during a particular time frame click Advanced

    1. If you would like to attach a file to your post either drag and drop a file from your hard drive into the marked area (dashed rectangle), or click to upload a file.
    2. Select Pinned if you'd like this message to be at the top of all of your announcements.
    3. Select Send forum post notifications with no editing-time delay checkbox if you want your email to be sent immediately. Otherwise, there will be a 30 minute editing window in order for you to make any changes before it is sent out.
    4. In the Display period section you may select when the announcement will be displayed. To enable the start and/or end dates, click the Enable box(es).

  5. Click Post to forum at the bottom of the page to post the announcement. You will see a message indicating that you have 15 minutes to edit the post before participants in your course will receive an e-mail notification.

Note: Students who enroll in the course after you have sent the course announcement can view old announcements by clicking the Course Announcement link.

Note: Course Announcements forum will send notification emails only when the course is visible
If it is hidden, only the instructor of the course will receive a notification email. If you have posted a message when the course was invisible, you will have to repost your message after making the course visible for enrolled users to receive notification emails.

Additionally, if you have set a global restriction in General (or wherever the Course Announcements is located), this will affect the messages:

Make sure that there are no restrictions - the students will not receive email notifications.

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