Useful Zoom Web Shortcuts

A list of web links that take you to parts of your Zoom account so you can do what you want, faster!

Most of our community already know that our Zoom Service's main page is here:

Over time, we have found many of our community members keep asking us about how to manage their meetings or webinars (add-on, annual purchase required); or how to locate their cloud recordings or to simply update their profile information and user-specific settings for their account.

We decided to compile a list of web links that will take you to different parts of your Zoom account. This page is for anyone who wishes to click through to where they need to go without having to start at the main service page each time.

Feel free to bookmark this page, or any of the links you see below, that you find yourself using often… And if you know of any good links that you do not yet see here, please reach out to us and we'll add it!

A reminder on getting in to your account…

Please note that you will need to have a licensed York University Zoom account through Passport York (PPY), along with DUO Two Factor Authentication (2FA) correctly set up before being able to use the following links.


Getting started

The first link bypasses the main page, and routes you directly to our Passport York (PPY) login page.

For those of you who have PPY, along with DUO Two Factor Authentication (2FA) set up, but you do not yet have a license for Zoom, this link will add you as a user in Zoom and will assign you a full license:

Some users with a sponsored account may login and find themselves with a Basic account. Please email us at to let us know you need us to promote your account to fully licensed.


One last helpful piece of advice when using Zoom:

If you login to any of these links through your device's default web browser first, your Zoom application will see that you have already logged in and shouldn't ask you to login again.

Moreover, if you have already logged in to any other PPY service such as eClass, or HR Self Serve then you shouldn't have to login to the Zoom service. The following links should just take you where you need to go.

Profile and Settings

Usually logging in with the above link redirects you to your profile page. It is important to know that anywhere you see a toggle button to the right of a setting—where it is greyed out and the circle is to the right with a light blue background, it means the setting is forced to be ENABLED for all. Where you see that it is greyed out and the circle is to the left with a grey background, it is DISABLED for all. In almost every instance, the settings are forced in a way that enables you to take advantage of a feature. Please double-check the feature's setting before you submit a ticket as we often see people are requesting for us to enable something that is already enabled, but is simply locked to ensure no one inadvertently turns this feature off on their account.

Profile page:

User settings page (Unique to your account):

Please note that these settings are separate from the application-specific settings you change inside of your Zoom application(s). For information on changing application settings, please go here.

Quickly start or join a meeting

Instantly host a meeting:

Quickly join a meeting you do not have a link to:

Download the most recent version of Zoom software:

Meetings and Webinars

Meetings are included in your license, while webinar licenses are available for purchase through your budget number. Information webinar on add-on license purchases is here.

Directly schedule a meeting:

Manage and schedule your meetings:

Directly schedule a webinar [paid add-on license required]:

Manage and schedule your webinars [paid add-on license required]:

Polling, Quizzes and Whiteboards

Access your Polls/Quizzes:

Manage and create whiteboards:

Manage a whiteboard you already created:


Access and manage your cloud recordings:

Check your cloud recording trash folder:

See a list of recordings you made on a computer, including which computer you used and the location of the files on that computer:

We will add more links in the future as Zoom updates and evolves over time. If you know of any links you think should be listed here, please reach out to us and let us know.

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