How to View Zoom Recordings

Instructors have the option to post zoom recordings of lectures or meetings for students to view.  There are two methods  to view zoom recordings based on the instructors settings. 

Method 1: If the class lecture or meeting was created directly in your eClass course, 

  1. Click on the class on or meeting link

  2. Scroll down to the recording section

  3. Click on the recording link

Method 2: If the instructor post the recording , or email the recording link, you would have to login via Single Sign On (SSO) with your York University PassPort York credential. 

  1. Click on the link in your eClass  course, zoom will be launched

  2. Click on SSO located in the bottom row

  3. Type  yorku in the Company Domain field and click Continue

  4.   The PassPort York login page is launched, enter your PassPort York username and password and click Login

The recording will be displayed for you to view.

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