Why can't students see feedback I've given them on an assignment?

There may be a number of reasons why students are unable to view their feedback on an assignment. Follow the steps below to ensure the feedback files are available for students' viewing:

  1.  Ensure the assignment is available to students - if an assignment is hidden, then students are not able to see their grade or feedback. Assignment availability is set through "Availability" field on the assignment settings page.
  2.  Ensure a grade is provided for the assignment - if the assignment is not graded and only feedback file has been uploaded, eClass considers the assignment as not graded and will not allow students to access the feedback file. 
  3.  Ensure the grade for the assignment is visible to student, refer to how to hide/display grades from student for more information.
  4.  If this is a Turnitin assignment, first of all, please ensure the post date has been past. For Turnitin Assignments grades/feedback files are only available to student after the "Post Date". Second of all, if the Turnitin Grades are not being populated on the Gradebook, please click the Refresh all Grades from Turnitin button on the Turnitin assignment settings, as you can see on the screenshot below: For more information, refer to How to Create a Turnitin Assignment.
  5.  If you are using marking workflow, ensure that the grades are released.
  6.  Ensure the feedback file has been uploaded - when viewing all submissions, there is a "Feedback files" column which would have the feedback file you have provided. 
  7.  Ensure students are looking in the right location. Students need to follow the steps below to access their feedback file:
    1.  On the course banner across the top, click on "Grades"
    2.  Click on the assignment name - feedback will not be available on Grades page
    3.  Scroll down to Feedback section and click on the feedback file
  8.  If all the above settings are correct and students are still unable to access their feedback file, please reach out to us at askit@yorku.ca.

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