How to Edit and Re-Use H5P Content in eClass

You can edit your H5P content and re-use in subsequent eClass courses. First, you have to download  a copy of the H5P file, then upload it to a playground course to edit. You can not edit an existing H5P once your students have started viewing the activity in an eClass course.   Follow the workflow below to edit and re-use H5P content in an eClass course. 

Create a playground course

Create a playground course to develop course materials at your convenience. You can then copy the entire course content  OR  snippets of content to other courses as needed. 

Download the H5P file

  1. Click on the H5P title from your course homepage

  2. Click on the blue cog wheel icon on the right and select Edit settings

  3. Scroll down and expand the H5P options sections and click the checkbox for Allow download

  4. Click Save and return to course

  5. From the course homepage click on the H5P file

  6. At the bottom of H5P window, click on Reuse

  7. In the Reuse content pop-up window click on Download as an .h5p file

Upload H5P file to the Content Bank to Edit

  1. In your Playground course, Click on Content bank in the left hand side frame.

  2. Click the Upload button to select the H5P file from you local computer

  3. From the Upload dialog window, Click Choose a file

  4. Under Attachment click Choose file and select a file your local computer

  5.  Under Copyright status select the appropriate status 

  6. Click Upload this file

  7. Click Save changes

  8. The H5P content is displayed within the Content bank. Click on the Edit button to make changes as needed and then save. 

Add edited H5P Content to Course Homepage

  1. From the course homepage, click on Activity or resource, and select H5P from the list

  2. In the Name field: Type a title for the content

  3. In the Description window:  Inform users how the H5P content will function. 

  4. For the Package file section, click on the Add file icon 

  5. From the File picker dialog window, Click on Content bank on the left, and then click on the edited H5P file. 

  6. Click Select this file from the next dialog window. 

  7. The H5P file is displayed in the Package file, scroll down and click Save and return to your course. 

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