How to give particular students extra time in a quiz

It is possible to give a set of students extra time when taking a quiz using the User overrides function. 

This function can be helpful when working with students requiring special accommodations.

The function allows you to:

  • Extend the time limit for a quiz or assignment
  • Change the dates and time a quiz is available
  • Add more attempts for a quiz
  • Add a password to the quiz
  • Set a time limit for the quiz

You can set different individual User Overrides, or copy and use the same override settings for multiple people. 

Setting a user override

  1. Go to the course homepage
  2. Find the quiz and click the link
  3. In the Quiz administration click the link User overrides
  4. Click Add user override button

  5. Search for a student name
  6. Define the override restrictions as needed. The settings visible in the Override section are the original settings for all members of the class. (See image below.)
    • Add a password (optional)
    • Enable and choose new Open the quiz and Close the quiz dates and times
    • Enable and change the Time limit. If your time limit is greater than the quiz open and close time, please make sure that you adjust the open/close date and time to accommodate for the time limit
    • Change the number of Attempts allowed
      • If the student has already submitted the maximum number of attempts, set this to more than the max
  7. Click Save or Save and enter another override
  8. Provide the quiz password (if created) to the student(s) who will attempt the quiz

Note that the quiz will end at the closing time or when the time limit is reached, whichever occurs first 

Editing an Override

If you need to, you can edit an override

  1. Go to the course homepage
  2. Find the quiz and click the link
  3. Go to Quiz administration
    • Click on User overrides
  4. Click the Edit iconunder Action (right side of screen)
  5. Make your changes and Save

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